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Everyone meet our next resident …… Billy!💚 Billy sadly came in to our care due to both of his owners having poor health. They felt it was the best thing to do for Billy. That was last June, however he was adopted and did very well. Sadly his adopters rapidly declining health means she can’t keep up with his grooming maintenance and she thought it was best he came back to us. Please note the back up for this eventually happening was also removed as an option (we do take age and health of adopters into Consideration but this failed too) He has had some very bad luck 😓 This lad has so much character and is just a joy to be around. He just makes you laugh and has been an absolute star! ⭐️ Billy went straight into one of our foster families where he has been a good house guest. Billy is quiet and clean over night. We feel Billy would prefer to be a only dog and get all the attention he can!🐶 He is fab in the car and loves a good conversation with you about life 😂He just chats away and tells you his stories!😂 Billy is 8 years old and a Llasa mix. He is a tad over weight but that will come off in no time. He loves his walks and has brilliant lead manners too!🐾 It was clear to us that he has some allergies going on….So we have placed him on hypoallergenic diet and the vets have seen him. They have given us meds and we have shampoo to bath him in which should clear it all up. Sadly he is chewing out of stress as well. He will feel so much better soon. So with basic management, he is doing ok. 🐶 This lad is fab, everyone who meets him loves him. He is good at being handled and happy to sleep the night away without a sound. His fosterers have been singing his praises since he arrived. Someone is going to be very lucky to have Billy in their life. This HAS to be his forever home. 🤞🏽🤞🏽 Remember to compete the form below if you’re interest in adoption;