French Bulldog

Everyone meet our next resident .…..Bijou! 😍 This girl is a Frenchie bulldog who is just 18 months old. Sadly brought in to our care due to not getting on with the other resident dog. However she is fine with dogs when out walking etc. ❣️ Bijou sadly hasn’t seen the world. She hasn’t left her original house much and therefore is a very shy and timid girl. However as soon as she realises you are not a threat, she relaxes enough to get to know you ❤️‍🩹 She is a little sweetheart and has a glowing report from her foster. Bijou loves her crate as this is her safe haven when everything’s a little bit too much. She’s spotless in the house and adore going for walks!🐾 Bijou needs a home with someone who understands nervous dogs and their needs…. Someone who has the time and patience to teach this girl the way the world works!🙏🏼 We know that we can find this girl the 5* home she deserves. She’s so sweet and gentle. Bijou needs a home where she can blossom and gain her confidence. We know she will love what the world has to offer!🥰 Please keep an eye out of the page for further updates. Please note Bijou needs to be the only pet in the household. Please share this girl far and wide! 🐾 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;