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Betty is Beautiful!! She is a young dog and as a greyhound she needs a good regular blast off lead in a secure area every week or so and a couple of good walks a day 1-2 hours in total. 🐾 As with all greyhounds there is a transition to domestic life however Betty has lived indoors for a short period so we have a good history and we expect her to adjust well in a calm household. 🙏🏼 Betty is 18 months old and a cheeky funny girl who nudges you for attention ONCE she trusts you. 🥰 She is however very nervous at first and can take a while to build that trust so we are looking for a home for Betty with another calm confident dog to show her that humans can be trusted .... so a little patience is needed :-) Once Betty knows you she loves an ear rub and is very playful!! 💚 She also loves her food, walks beautifully and travels well. 🐶 Please complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption. However, please ensure you put as much information in to the form as possible; Update; Attention all dog lovers!!! 🐶 We need you to share this far and wide to help us find our nervous but nutty Betty Boo her forever home! 🙏🏼 PLEASE READ IN FULL ....... We have had alot of interest in Betty but sadly not quite what we need for her. Below is an idea of what we are looking for ..... * 1 other confident dog (any possible adoption depends primarily on this relationship... reasons below) * a good basic understanding of greyhounds * an enclosed garden, big enough for off lead plays * someone who is calm and patient with a similar family environment. It is likely that Betty’s nervousness around people stems from her racing days. She does not like someone behind her or raising their arms.....probably as she has been pushed into a trap and forced to race and been hit. This is why we need another dog to show her the way and not a human.... she will bond eventually but she needs to know and trust you first. She has lived happily indoors with other medium/large breeds and once confident will play hard!!