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Everyone say Hi to to our resident ..... Betty!❤️ Betty is a Yorkie who is around 2.5 years old. She is a only small girl. She is currently in foster while we find her a new home. Sadly Betty had been brought back in to our care due to not getting on well with the other canine resident within the house hold! This is heartbreaking for her previous family.💔 This girl is fab with people and is used to sensible children. She is a typical terrier, full of character and energy. She needs a home with someone around most of the time, however an active home filled with adventures! Someone who is going to exercise her mind and body is very important!🐾 Betty knows how to sit and how to take a treat nicely. She loves her walks but needs more training regarding her recall. She is a very loving girl, however she can be a bit shy to start with. Betty is a terrier and needs a terrier experienced home! She can be sassy when she wants to be!💜 We need a home with someone who understands the breed and loves to exercise. She is going to be someone’s best mate! We need a home where she’s the only animal within the household as well. She’s ok meeting dogs on walks but not able to live with one.🐾 Remember to fill in the form below if you’re interested in adopting this little lady!