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Everyone say hi to our next resident ..... Betsy.💛 This girl is a heartbreaker.... it’s clear she has been a breeding machine all her life. She was dumped in a car park and our guess it’s because of her age! Betsy still has milk... let that sink in 🤬💔 Since being with us in foster care, this girl has started to relax and enjoy home comforts. She has been fab with everyone she has met.😍 Betsy is in need of a retirement home, where she has a couple of 15 min walks a day, a lot of love and cuddles. She loves to sleep on a big, thick, comfy duvet. This little lady loves being in the car and walks very well on lead too.💛 Betsy was brilliant at the vets. Everyone just falls in love with her, as soon as they meet her! She has passed a Heath check and once her milk dries up, we can get her vaccinated and spayed .... no more pups!🐶 We are looking for calm and very loving home retirement home for this girl, in her twilight years. Someone who she can love and be loved by!🙏🏼🤞🏼 When walking she’ll ignore other dogs that ignore her. But if they bark, she’ll bark back. We aren’t mixing her properly with other dogs until her hormones have calmed down and she is more relaxed. It’s likely she thinks every dog she needs, is going to mate with her.....We will give more updates as we get to know her!💙 Please complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption. However please ensure you put as much information in to the form as possible; When people are buying pups, especially Covid pups - this is very likely what your feeding in to! A awful cycle of backyard breeding/ puppy farms. 💔🤬 Please if you must get a pup, see the mother (and sire if he is there) - her living conditions, her body score and state of mind. If you MUST buy a pup and you’re not sure, who’s a ‘ responsible ‘ breeder, just ask someone who can guide you. Even better adopt don’t shop!🐶