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Everyone meet our next poundie ..... Betsi the beauty!😘 Betsi is brilliant! This beautiful girl is a Staffie and she is approximately 2 years old. She is a true Staffie size so small and chunky! She has only come in to our care today however there’s what we know so far about her! 🐶 She is fab at travelling the car, simply just lays their quietly without an issue. Betsi has been amazing with all the dogs she has met so far, no issues at all! She has met dogs smaller and bigger than her!😍 This beauty has been a super star! She loves human attention! She will happily give ‘paw’ and ‘sit’! She takes a treat very gently too!💚 Betsi has been the vets and passed a full health check with flying colours! Everyone in the vets loved her, and she loved everyone there! They all got Staffie kisses!😘 This lady loves to play fetch and will let you take the ball from her! She will let you stroke her whilst eating and you can take food away without an issue as well!💙 Betsi walks well on lead and listen to corrections when she gets a little bit too excited! She adores her adventures and therefore she will need an active home!🐾 Please share this lady far and wide!🙏🏼🏡