Middle Aged
Older Only

💙Ben - 💙- blue collar Ben will be years old this year! 🐶 Some understanding of the greyhound industry / a little experience of greyhounds is preferable, however not essesntial. All three lads have individual personalities and characters. We are just starting to see. Over the coming days and weeks,ll. 🥰 So far these lads have loved everyone they have met. They are starting to love cuddles and fusses too. 😘 All three are good on lead and ok at travelling. They enjoy their walks and are starting to see the big, wide world and what it has to offer!😌 Everyday these lads are getting more social and are relaxing a little more. Finally they can decompress after years in the racing industry. 💔 Now we need to teach them about the world they live in with lots of love, amazing food and comfy beds!🥰🥰