Middle Aged

Everyone please say hi to our next Poundies..... BEN and JERRY!😍 These guys are very special!! They have obviously had an awful life before they came to us. We saved them this week from death row!💔💛 Ben and Jerry are true gentlemen, that have been used in the racing and then dumped. 🤬💔These guys are starting to see the positive side of the world now. They take everything in their stride!🐾🐾 Both lads have passed full health check, started their vaccinations and are booked in for neutering. 💙 They walk beautifully on lead, travel well and jump in and out of the van without an issue. Both lads are caring and very gentle souls. They love seeing the world and what it is has to offer.🐶 More updates and details to follow over the coming days!🤞🏼 Remember to fill in the form below if you’re interested in offering these lads there home. Foster update for Ben and Jerry! 💚 These boys have now been in foster over a week and are doing excellent. Before this they had never lived in a home environment so we were intrigued to see how they would adapt.😘 Safe to say they have exceeded our expectations! They have really come out of their shells and shown their true colours. We have very waggy tails and two big softies on our hands. 😍 You’ll see below that walking is a dream, I can safely walk both by myself and even did the little finger test. If you know grey’s then you know there’s always inevitably going to be an interest in little furies. However, Ben surprisingly hasn’t had a problem around them. Jerry does have more of an interest in them. Where we walk there is a lot of dogs off lead that have tested his patience, but with a swift pull on his lead it’s easy to bring his focus back, follow Bens lead and continue having a pleasant walk!🐾 Please share these lads!💛