Everyone meet our next resident …. Ben!💛 Ben is a very handsome greyhound who came in to our care due him wanting to play with other dogs greyhounds instead of racing them. Which means he has Ben saved from industry! ❤️‍🩹 Beautiful Ben is only 16 months old and one chilled out lad. He loves his cuddles and fusses especially in the morning! Ben has been fab with everyone he has met so far!💙 This lad was star at the vet, more than happy to be handled and has passed a full health check. Ben has been neutered and had a scale and polish dental too!🫶🏼 So far, Ben has been good lad around other dogs. We haven’t done off lead yet but he is happy to walk with or without another dog. He has been walked with terriers, Lurchers and larger breeds without an issue. Ben is still learning what the real world is about.🐶 He walks brilliantly on lead and enjoys the odd zoomies too. Ben is quickly becoming a favourite with the volunteers. He is a chilled out gentleman.💜 This lad travels well and is happy to jump in the van. He has happily travelled in a crate previously before as well. He was a tad shy around traffic to start but he is used to it now and walks passed them well.🐾 We feel Ben could live with another medium sized dog upwards and dog savvy children. He has shown himself to be a well mannered lad who takes everything in his stride.🩵 Please share this beautiful boy so he finally becomes a family member! 🙏🏼 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in Adoption;