Everyone meet our next resident…. Belle 🧡 Belle has come in to our care after serving more than her her stray period. Thankfully the pound kept her alive whilst we got a space foe her. Now we need to find her a very special home!🤞🏼 This girls wins everyone over. Whoever meets her just falls in love with her! Belle is a medium sized crossbreed who is approximately 4 years old and is a tripod. We aren’t sure what happened with regards to her missing rear leg, however it doesn’t not affect her in the slightest 😘 Belle is a fun and active girl who loves life. She knows some basic commands and loves people. This girl thinks everyone she meets is her new best friend. 🥰 Since coming in to our care, Belle has been in a foster home. She’s doing very well there and is improving daily. It is clear Belle has been in a home before….she’s more than happy in the house. She adores her sofa time!❤️‍🩹 Over night she is clean and quiet. Belle loves playing with her toys and enjoys her walks. She’s a fast girl even with three legs. Belle has been good with other dogs but we are assessing this further. 🐾 We are looking for an active home for Belle, with humans who understand her needs. Please share far and wide!🤞🏼 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption; Foster update; Foster update for Belle.🧡 Since being in foster care we've been discovering more about our lovely Belle. She may be one leg short of a full set and you would have thought that would curb her enthusiasm, but not this girlie! She is a happy go lucky, fun dog who loves to play and chew her toys, although she isn't destructive and can be left for a few hours without issue. 💙 She adores her walks but can't do great distances all at once, needing a short rest now and then. She is happy with 2 half hour walks a day and the occasional 5 minutes around the block or in the garden for a wee and a sniff. She spends a great deal of her free time snoozing and loves a cuddle on the sofa, especially after a walk. 🐾 She's a friendly soul and is happy to meet other dogs and people of all ages. Her only minor issue is that she can be startled by loud vehicles although she's generally undaunted by even heavy traffic.  She's being fed extra rations at the moment after a lean time on the streets so it's lovely to be able to indulge her with healthy treats. We'll have to watch her weight later on so as not to put too much strain on her back leg. 🙏🏼 Belle is a very easy dog to live with, undemanding and loving and you soon forget about her disability. She is going to make someone a great easygoing companion for a good few years to come. 💛 If you think you can offer her the home she needs, apply today using the link below;