British bulldog
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Everyone meet our next resident… Bella!♥️ Bella is a British bulldog who’s 4 years old. Sadly she found her self in our care due to her family not having time for her and her being left long (12 ish) hours which meant she was chewing. Due to this reason she was at risk of being put to sleep.😞 However, thankfully we managed to find an urgent foster placement. Since being in our care she hasn’t looked back. She’s been a super star!⭐️ Bella is a happy girl who’s lived with other dogs and children without an issue. She’s loves meeting new people and is a good all rounder. 🐶🥰 This girl was fab at the vets and started her vaccinations. She’s not spayed but she will be when she loses some weight. Currently this girl weighs in at 36.3kg which is utterly shocking. She should be around 25/26kg so there’s a lot to come off. Once she’s at a better weight she’ll be spayed.💪🏼 Bella is a cracking girl who really does take everything in her stride. She’s good on lead and good in the car. Once she’s lost the weight, there’ll be nothing holding this girl back.❤️ Please share this girl far and wide!🫶🏼 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;