Everyone meet our next resident….Bella!😍 Bella sadly found herself in our care once her owner realised that she couldn’t met Bella’s needs. Bella is a 5-6 month old lurcher.💛 This girl has gone straight in to foster and hasn’t put a paw wrong. She’s currently in foster with three other dogs and she’s been a star. 🌟 Bella is good with people and has lived with dog savvy children. She is learning to walk on lead and loves to be out and about.🐾 Before coming to us, Bella hadn’t seen much of the outside world however she’s taken it all in her stride. She really is a fab girl who has the world at her feet!❤️‍🩹 This girl has been brilliant in the house and good over night. She does enjoy having canine as well as human company. So far she hasn’t had one accident in the house either. 🐶 Please understand Bella is a pup, they are hard work and are 10 plus year commitment. Please ensure you have the time and understanding of her needs before applying.🙌🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;