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Everyone say Hi to our new residents...... Bella and Ginge!😘💔 These girls have had a very poor start in life. They were brought in to our care due to their owner not being able to cope with the situation he had created 😣 They have been kept in a shed resulting in them having very little human interaction. There were 4 Sharpeis in total. We have helped the mother and her pup which were the 2 dogs in most need of urgent help. We have liaised with a breed specialist rescue to help the other two sharpeis. 🙏🏼 Bella is a black, 3 year old female sharpei and Ginge is her pup who is 18 months old. 💙 These ladies simply haven’t had the care, input, socialisation or love they need..... however they are now in our care and early signs are very encouraging 🙏🏼 We are fully aware these girls are going to be with us for quite some time before we find someone suitable for their needs. Also we have to feel as a team they are ready to be adopted... which they aren’t yet! They have been in boarding kennels for the last 10 days, whilst we allow them to decompress and understand their new routine. They have been to the vets and we are allowing them to develop at their own pace. Both girls need time and patience so they understand day to day life. They haven’t been walked on leads, they are head shy, very nervous of new things .....and people. Over time this will change but there is no quick fix. As you can see Ginge has alot of bald and sore patches. This is from untreated skin infections and parasites. We have acted accordingly and she is now having medicated baths, antibiotics and a foam treatment. She is now responding well to this and has another vet appointment next week for the next stage of her treatment. 🙏🏼😘 Bella the black sharpei, also went to the vets. She is in good health and just need an improved diet and some TLC. 😘 Both girls are now starting to understand we are trying to help them and not be afraid. 🥰 These ladies are NOT up for adoption yet. We are waiting for space at HQ so we can work with them behaviourally and help socialise them......when they are ready. 🤞🏼 We are still assessing their needs and what type of home they need. We will only be rehoming to Sharpei experienced adopters with no other animals and no children under the age of 13 years old. This is due to their nervousness. If you can all please keep these girls in your thoughts and we will keep you posted over the coming weeks. 🤞🏼 Please please please - stop and think before buying a pup or breeding. To stop situations like the one these guys are in. 💔 Thank you for your support as always!🧡 If you would like to donate towards their care. You can donate via the website;