Middle Aged

Everyone meet our next resident ..... Bella! 😘 Sadly Bella has been brought into our care due to a sudden illness of her owner and her owner realising he can’t cope anymore. This girl is 7 years old and large crossbreed! 🧡 Bella hasn’t seen the world much at all. She wasn’t walked in her previous home for at least two years. Which meant she has gained weight and lost her confidence. However all that is about to change. She is now in a foster home and being treated as a queen! đŸ¶ This girl is now walking on lead ( strong to start for a few minutes and soon settles and plods next to you), travelling well in a car and meeting new people. She has been fab with other dogs and more than happy left for a few hours on her own, after her walk. Bella is spotless in the house and a great houseguest. đŸ„° More details to come over the coming days as we get to know this lady a little more! 💙 Please share so we can find this girl the perfect home. đŸ€žđŸŒ