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Foster update; Bella is settling in to her foster home, she’s taking everything in her stride. 🏡 This girl is still nervous and underweight but both her condition and confidence are growing daily! She needs home full of love and patience….. someone who isn’t going to push her. Bella needs a empathic human to help her through life. She likes her walks and enjoys the garden.🌞🧡 Everyone meet our next poundie ……. Bella!💔😔 Bella is a lurcher who’s approximately 1 year old. As you can see she’s a victim of neglect and by her behaviour it’s clear she’s been abused too. She’s so scared of people with items in their hands such as brushes and mops. This girl was found as a stray and no one came forward to collect her.💔😖 This girl has been so sweet since arriving in our care. When we arrived at the pound she was covered in fleas and even more skinny than she is now! Since being with us, she’s already gained a little confidence but has a long way to go. ❤️‍🩹 Bella is a star in kennels, she adores her food (probably been starved) and loves a cuddle from the people she trusts. Anyone can win her over, especially if there’s food involved. 🫶🏼 So far she’s on little and often meals and walks. She was ok on lead and learning to relax when out and about. Bella has been brilliant with other dogs ….it’s humans she scared of.🐶😇 At the vets she was good at being handled and has passed a full healthcheck. She clearly needs to gain weight and condition. Currently she’s at 18kg and needs to be around 30kg. This will happen over time. She has a few open wounds and sores which are starting to heal nicely ❤️‍🩹😘 Bella travels well in the car and even though she’s scared she takes lead from her handler. So if you’re calm and confident, she will be too. We are looking for home with patience and empathy for this girl, so she can blossom.🤞🏽🏡 Please share this young girl so she can find her forever home, filled with love .🐾 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;