Everyone say hi to Bear!💙 Once again Bear is back in our care. This lad is a complex, misunderstood character. Bear is desperate to bond with someone however, he suffers from a fear of abandonment. This can make him want to protect whom ever he bonds with, if they allow him to. If you disagree with Bears behaviour he settles down, this may need repeating several times and needs to be done from day one. Bear is an active lad who loves his walks and off lead runs. He can live with a cat that is used to dogs.đŸŸ With other dogs Bear is great. Due to Bear protective tendencies he cannot be homed around children, resident or visiting. We are looking for a calm, quiet home for Bear where he will be allowed the time to settle in. Please do not apply for Bear as a “ handbag” dog. Bear, like all Poms/Spitzs is a proper dog who needs exercise both mental and physical, boundaries and respect. đŸ¶ Like all the dogs adopted from Almost Home Bear comes with a full support of the rescue.💙 Please share this lad do we can find him the most suitable home. Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption of Bear;