Everyone meet our next residents …. Bluey and Bear! 💙❤️ These lads are siblings who have found themselves in our care through no fault of their own. It was a very hard decision for their owner however, it was for the boys so that they could have the lives their deserve.❤️‍🩹 They are 20 months old ‘silver’ Labradors. They are vaccinated, flead, wormed and microchipped. Both are booked in to be neutered.✂️ These boys have been used to sleeping in a crate and are put in the crate when left, as well. They are happy and friendly lads who adore being out and about.🐾🐾 Sadly, recently they have not had the exercise they need but they will get it now that they are foster. Whilst in foster, we will be assessing them further on whether, they need to be together or not. When speaking to the previous owner and our behaviourist, it’s likely we will rehome them separately. Whichever is best for them and their needs. (Please don’t comment saying ‘keep them together’, we always follow behaviourist and vet advice for each dog). 🙌🏽🐶 Both lads are good at travelling and are used to older, dog-savvy children. They walk on head collars, as they are excited and young, but are settling well now they are getting regular exercise. 🐾🐾 Bluey has a blue collar and is the bigger of the two, he wants his fuss and cuddles first. Bear has a red collar is more submissive. 💙❤️ These lads will need plenty of exercise, both mentally and physically. They seem switched on and enjoy life. Both adore to play and learn. 💙 Please share these boys far and wide.🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption: