Middle Aged

Everyone meet our next poundie….. Barb!😍😞 Barb is a 4-5 year old mastiff who’s clearly had a life of breeding. Sadly, she found herself as a stray but no one came forward to claim her. Thankfully, we had a space in time to save her from being pts……It was a very close call!🥺 This girl has one of the nicest temperaments we have ever had in a dog. She’s been brilliant with everyone she has met so far. Barb adjusts herself to her surroundings, for example …. with the older generation, she’s very gentle and she takes her treats beautifully too!❣️ Barb has clearly had a lot of pups and not been well looked after. She has pressure wounds from sleeping on cold, hard ground and they are infected so likely from lying in her own mess etc. She’s got little pieces of her ears missing from pups/other dogs or flystrike. Generally her coat is dry and flakey, her nails are long and her front teeth have been worked down!🥺 that’s not including the emotional abuse from being a puppy machine! ☹️ However she’s a happy dog who still trusts humans and loves her cuddles. She travels well and has been ok around dogs when walking and in her kennel. We are going to be assessing this further once she’s been spayed.🐶 Barb is a cracking girl who really does deserves the world. Someone to adore her, give her walks, love, food (she loves her food) and cuddles. She’s a girl who’s easily pleased and happy with the basics! Barb is a chilled out lady! 🧡 Please do share this girl far and wide so we can find her the home she deserves.🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;