Cocker Spaniel
Middle Aged

Everyone meet our next resident .... Bailey!🧡 Bailey is a 6 year old Cocker Spaniel. This lad has been brought in to our care due to his previous bite history. However, this hasn’t happened for over 10 months. Due to his previous owners having a baby, they feel he isn’t getting what he needs and think he will be better suited to a calm life style.🐶 This lad went straight in to foster care and has been there for a week. We are glad to say we haven’t seen any signs of aggression from him. 🙏🏼 However, this isn’t to say there won’t be in the future. Whoever adopts this lad needs to understand Cockers and their characteristics. Someone with breed experience is a must and rescue experience would be preferable. No children under 15 years old. Bailey has been very good with the three adults in the home who all take in part in his daily routine. He has been spotless in the house and happily sleeps on the landing. 💚 This lad has been good with most dogs when out walking. However, he has had a grumble at few who were too much for him. He soon settles down and ignores. When out walking Bailey is more interested in playing fetch! His recall is pretty good too.🐶 Before coming in to our care, it was said that the bites have happened in the home with visitors. However since being in foster, they have had visitors over, with a plan in place. When a visitor completely ignores Bailey, he will come over a fuss when he is ready. We have had no issues so far.💛 As stunning as this lad is, he is NOT a teddy bear. He is clever and very active dog. Bailey needs a home where his body and mind are exercised. Bailey will come to you when he is ready. 🐾 Please complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption. However, please ensure you put as much information in to the form as possible;