Older Only

Everyone meet our next residents ….. Bailey and Kenzie!💚💙 Bailey (silver/cream) and Kenzie(tan) are both 10 year old chihuahuas. Both lads have come in to our care from the same home where sadly the owners circumstances have changed. This results in them not having the life their deserve.😞 Since coming in to our care the lads went straight into foster. They have been super stars ever since.✨ Both lads are spotless in the house and love their bed. They are brilliant over night and are happy to be left for a few hours. They travel well and are happy to be handled.🫶🏼 Recently they haven’t been getting the exercise or socialisation that’s needed but they are loving going for walks and being in the garden. They can react to some dogs but do listen when corrected. They have been ok around older dog savvy children. However we don’t think they would want to spend their days with younger children. They really do enjoy their peace and quiet!💛 Both lads love sunbathing and cuddles in the evening. They’ve been well mannered and generally fab houseguests. They need a retirement home filled with love and walks. They adore doing zoomies around the garden too!🐾🐾 Please do share far and wide for these chaps, so we can find them then perfect forever home!🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;