Lab cross collie
Middle Aged
Older Only

Now let's talk a little bit about Austin. Austin came into our little family about a month ago and we haven't found the right fit for his particular needs as yet. He came in from the pound as a stray. He's about 7 or 8 years old and a Lab/ Collie cross. He travels well in the car and loves to walk but above all he loves to eat. He'll follow you to the ends of the earth for a treat. Austin was much misunderstood, when he came to us we were told he was probably deaf. This isn't true it's just he wasn't being told anything he wanted to hear so stopped listening. He has a mind of his own and learned that with his 33kg weight he could do what he wants. With a little firm handling and training with a GenCon head collar he has started to listen again and is making huge progress. He now sleeps on his own downstairs and can be left on his own for a couple of hours. Before, he wanted to run at every distraction, especially other dogs, crashing in and causing a fuss. Now he knows he can meet new friends but in a slower less urgent fashion. He loves meeting new dogs now. You might think Austin sounds like a bit of a handful, well not really. He's quite reserved and needs his own space. He needs a quiet environment where he won't feel stressed. He loves people of all ages but too much activity around him causes him anxiety. This doesn't mean he's boring, he loves to play and roll around just like a dog half his age, sometimes he's just like a puppy in a big dog body. Austin is an older gentleman who has clearly been much loved in the past but now needs a little time and respect after falling on hard times. Given that, he will follow instructions well and he know some basic commands. Austin will make someone a fine companion and loving friend he just needs to find that right fit. Please share far and wide!🫶🏼