Lab cross collie
Middle Aged
Older Only

Austin ….. how is he still with us? 🤔 This lad is brilliant and a true gentlemen! He adores people and knows some basic commands. Austin is spotless in the house and sleeps downstairs without an issue. He will come and let you know if he needs to go the toilet. He walks well on his headcollar and is well mannered around other dogs, happy to ignore or say hello.😘 Austin loves to play and adores his walks. He travels well and loves having visitors. He isn’t bothered by traffic or loud noises. Now he’s settled at the foster, he can be left for short periods of time and building up the time daily. Austin really is fab lad who needs a sofa to crash on….. he’s a lab cross who’s around 7 years old. 🧡 Update; ustin is doing AMAZINGLY well in foster….he’s the perfect houseguest, housetrained and loving. He listens well and follows instructions ….. he isn’t as deaf as we first thought. 😂 Infact he can hear quite a lot, he just needs to bond with you. ❤️‍🩹 This lad has now been bathed and looks so much better, he must feel better too. He walks well on his head-collar and travels beautifully! Austin is good passing dogs on a walk and loves cuddles from all humans he meets.😍P Everyone meet our next poundie…. Austin! ❤️‍🩹😍 Austin was from the pound as he was a stray and no one came forward to claim him. He is a true gentleman who adores people and just loves being with you!♥️ This lad is a lab x collie who’s around 8-10 years old. He is 90% deaf however he can hear some tones and pitches and is very good at working with his handler.🫶🏼 Austin is good on lead and walks beautifully. He can walk with or without other dogs. He loves to play fetch and will do some basic commands. He knows sit leave and lay down. 🐾 This lad adores going out in the car, happily jumps in and watches the world go by. He was a super star at the vets and passed a health check. He’s a dog who inspires happiness the moment you’re in his company ♥️ Austin really needs a place to call home. Someone who’s going to be his best Buddy for the rest of his life. It’s clear but sad that someone has loved this boy at some point. He’s so well trained and used to company!🤔😞💛 This boy needs a home where he can have daily walks, trips out and lots of fuss. Someone he can rely on and trust. Whoever that person is will be extremely lucky to have such a loyal companion. ♥️ Please share Austin so he can find his person. 🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form before if you’re interested in adoption;