Border terrier cross

Everyone meet our next poundie ….. Ariel!😘 This girl served her stray time and no-one came for her. We have no idea why? Ariel is a little sweetheart!🫶🏼 Ariel is around 3 years old and border terrier cross 🥰 When arriving in our care she was a tad unsure but not for long. She was soon enjoying her walking and loving the attention from our volunteers!😘 Since coming in to our care, Ariel has taken everything in her stride. She’s been fab at the vets where she passed a full health check. She does have a bald patch in her back, however it looks like an old wound and it’s healing well. The vets were happy with it and she’s booked in to spayed!❤️‍🩹 Ariel has been brilliant with other dogs when out and about. She’s fab when being handled and simply adores learning and seeing the world!🙌🏽 This girl walks well on lead and travels well in the car. She’s not bothered by traffic and loves the country lanes! Ariel’s happy to walk with or without another dog. 🐶 She’s a happy girl and needs a home full of adventures. This girl needs someone with an understanding of terriers and their needs!🐾 Please share far and wide so we can find Ariel the home she desires!🥰 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;