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Everyone meet our next resident ….. Apollo!💙 This lad was a stray and served his time. He’s now with us so we can find him, the perfect forever home. 🤞🏼 Apollo is an Akita cross, possibly with a husky. He is 3 years old in august. He is a lovely lad who deserves the best in life.❤️‍🩹 This lad clearly hasn’t seen much of the world. However now that he is seeing it, he’s taking it all in his stride. Apollo is loving his walks and learning about new things. He is now trained in a Gencon lead (gentle control) and is alot easier to walk!🐾 Apollo has been brilliant with other dogs he has met. So far we have only done on lead meetings with others. However there have been no negative signs from him and we will continue this socialisation 🐶 He adores being brushed which is a blessing with the amount of fur he has! Apollo is decompressing well and enjoying life with us.💙 Apollo has passed a health check and is booked in for neutering. His fitness is increasing and so is his muscle mass. This lad will look and feel so much better in a few weeks. 😘 He is quickly becoming a volunteer favourite. Apollo is a fab lad who loves being with you. Once he knows you, he give you the best greeting. His playful side is coming out more and more daily. He travels well in the car and happily jumps in and out. 🐾 We are preferably looking for a home with an understanding of large or similar breeds. Someone will be very lucky to adopt this lad. Please share!🤞🏼 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption: