Everyone meet our next poundie…..Annie 🤍 This girl sadly found herself in the pound and no one came forward to claim to her. Therefore she’s now with us and we will find her the forever home she needs.🤞🏽 Annie is a semi rough coated lurcher who’s around 18 months old. She’s a shy girl who hasn’t seen much of the world but takes everything in her stride.❤️‍🩹 Since coming in Annie has been good with all the volunteers and won them all over with her sweet nature and loving temperament. 🤍 This girl is happy to walk with or without other dogs and we feel she could possibly live with another dog. She is getting the hang of how to walk on lead and loves the outdoors!🐾 At the vets, she was star. She’s started her vaccinations and has been booked in to be spayed. Annie is happy to be handled and loved the attention. She travels well in the car too.🙏🏼 This sweet girl needs a calm and quiet environment and someone who will teach the kind way of the world. She’s a typical lurcher and adores her food. So someone aware of lurcher characteristics would be preferable. As her confidence grows, we are sure there’s a cheeky girl in there who will develop too.❣️ Please share! The photos don’t do this girl justice.👌🏼 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;