staffie x (lab)
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Everyone meet our next residents…. Andy, Karen, Sean and Lynda!❣️ PLEASE DO NOT CALL US ABOUT THESE DOGS AS WE NEED THE PHONE FOR EMERGENCIES 🙏 These guys are 8 weeks old on Sunday 30th January and have been in our care since they were just under 6 weeks! They are not ready to be adopted yet as they are too young. We are opening the applications in readiness. We will continue to monitor their development daily, they will be adopted when they are ready.❤️‍🩹 They were signed over to us so they have the best chance in life. Their father was Caesar (staffie x - possibly with a lab) who we have now rehomed, and their mother was a staffie. Their mother has stayed with the family and she’s on a spaying contract which means we will pay for her to be spayed when the time is right. 🙌🏽 These four pups have huge characters and are all very individual. Therefore we will be allowing people to apply for a puppy but not choose which one. We will be matching the right puppy to the right home which is our preferred process and it works well. Please bear this in mind when you are applying.🐶 Please understand that puppies are hard work and they don’t stay this size forever. These are going to be very active fit dogs, they are at least a 10 Year commitment! These guys need a lot of time, effort and patience. They still have some accidents, they chew, scratch and bite! And their needle teeth hurt! 🐶 They will go out with a neuter/spay contract AND if you’re applying and you have dogs in the household already, they have to be neutered or spayed.🐾 We imagine they are going to be very popular and therefore if you do apply, you need to ensure you put a lot of detail explaining your situation, your routine and why you are suitable for one of these pups.🙏🏼 We will not be accepting any applications from people who work full time, where the dog will be left for hours on end or looked after by visiting people. Bullbreed experience is preferred however not essential.🙌🏽 Please complete the form below, if you’re interested in possibly adopting;