Irish terrier

Everyone meet our next poundie……Alfie!💛 Alfie is a 5/6 month old Irish terrier puppy who found himself in the pounds as a stray. Again……no one came forward for him and now he’s with us! 😞🫶🏼 This lad is a sweetheart however he is a terrier so we know that in time his terrier attitude will come. 😂 At the moment, he is underweight and needs to gain condition and muscle. He weighs 6.3kg currently and needs to be around 8kg for his age.💛 Alfie went straight in to foster so he can have all the TLC he needs. A few small meals a day and lots of rest. Soon enough, he will have lots of play time too!🐾 Irish terriers are a fab breed in the right hands. Once matured he will need daily stimulation- both mental and physical. Alfie will need adopters who are aware of terriers traits and needs. Someone who has time to train, socialise and love him for the rest of his life. He could easily be a 10-12 year commitment!👍🏽 He is currently in foster with a high energy dog and dog savvy child without an issue. Alfie travels well and is happy to be handled. He’s learning to walk on lead too. So far, he has been sleeping in a crate which is helping with his housetraining too!🧡 Please share so we can find Alfie his forever home!🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;