Older Only

Everyone meet our next poundie ....Alfie!💔 This lads a heartbreaker however he is a happy lad! 🥰 Alfie is a crossbreed, however we believe he has shihtzu in him! This lad is approximately 8 - 10 years old! He has come in to our care today from the pound and so far he has been amazing! We can’t fault him!💜 This older guys has been good with everyone he has met, he is more than happy for a fuss and a cuddle!💚Alfie has been good with all the dogs he is has met today as well, on and off lead! He travels well in the car too!🧡 Alfie had a full check today, he has a health strong heart and just needs to gain some condition! He is also booked in for his dental next week, as a few of his teeth need removing! His eye sight isn’t brilliant nor is his hearing! However he is happy to go for a walk and loves to see the world!🐾 Unfortunately as you can see, Alfie fur is in an awful way! He has HUGE matts and they are right to his skin! It can’t be comfortable for the little guy!💔 He is booked in the groomers and he will soon be a new man! ❤️ We need a little retirement home for Alfie however he needs a home with love and exercise as he loves his walks and outings! Please share this fab lad far and wide!🤞🏼🙏🏼