Alfie (was guy)

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Everyone meet our next resident …. Alfie!💙 Alfie was one of our resident from earlier this year. He was called Guy and sadly had been burnt when he came to us, he was only a pup. Unfortunately, his adoptive home didn’t work out as he was too much for their dog. He was playing a like a puppy. 😖 Since coming back he has been foster with a couple of dogs who play and put him in place. He hasn’t looked back, he loves it! Alfie is doing very well there and really does enjoy an active and busy lifestyle!🏡 Alfie is housetrained and crate trained. He walks ok on lead and has been fab off lead with the other dogs. He loves to play with others. He is still only young at 6 months old & he is still learning. We don’t know what breed he but he’s just a little bigger than Pomeranian at the moment. 🐶 This lad is a tad shy for the first few moment when he meets new people. However once he trusts you, you can do anything with him. He loves food and is very trainable. In fact we think he’s a bit too clever. 😂💙 We are looking for active home for this lad. Someone who wants a clever dog so they can do plenty of mental and physical stimulation. He would do well with o obedience or agility. Alfie is very eager to learn. ✅😇 Alfie travels well and has previously lived with a cat so he is cat trainable. He isn’t worried by livestock and has really taken everything in his stride. He is likely to be suited to home with dog savvy humans so they don’t make him more nervous. 🏡🐶 Alfie is still a puppy, he needs plenty of input and structure. We really need this adoption to be final, someone with him throughout the thick and thin. Please do consider that he is 10/15 year commitment. 🙏🏼 Please do share this little dude so he can find his adventure filled family life soon!🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;