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Everyone meet our poundie ... Ada😔 This girl is tiny, she is just 3kg! We believe she is a terrier mix and she is approx 4/5 months old!💜 Ada is lovely very small for her age and isn’t in the best of condition. This girl needs a lot of TLC and love!💚 This little lady is brilliant with dog and people however she is a tad shy. She is happy to be handled and travels well in the car too!🐾 She has been the vets and has had a full health check, started her vaccinations and had some x rays. Ada has a good heart and sensors are fine too! She loves her food which is a good a thing!Unfortunately she does have a belly full of worms and a bad coat but this will be an easy fix. What isn’t so easy is her leg. 💔 We have had xrays done as she won’t bare weight on her left back leg. The vets think it is a possible older injury. We don’t want to know how she got it!😔 However now we know we what injury we are dealing with, we can treat her and get her on the road to recovery!💙 She is going to be on crate rest and reviews. Depending on how she recovers will depend on our decision with her leg. She will need either a operation to keep the leg or to remove it!🙏🏼🙏🏼 Ada is in a foster home with two other dogs and she is doing well. She is happy little soul considering the state she came in. But she will get better! 👌😘Now all she needs is a forever home. Someone with knowledge of terriers and their colourful character!🏡