Middle Aged

Applications now open for Ace 💙 Ace is a complete goofball and full of energy! He zooms out of his kennel with gusto…… so we know he needs a big enough garden to let that energy out every morning!!! 😁 He’s an ex racer and is 5 and a half years old……born in March 2017. His last race was in February of this year …… having completed 117 races 😓 Ace travels well and walks well on a lead. He too has walked with other greyhounds with no issues at all ….. and again it is very likely he won’t have seen any other breed of dog before coming into our care. We have started his socialisation so we are able to keep any applicants up to date 😁🐶🐶 At yesterdays Open Day, he absolutely adored the attention!! He couldn’t get enough!! Even after 3 hours on his feet he was still ready to meet more people!!! So far he seems to like children and we would consider a home with respectful, dog savvy children…… a home where he also has somewhere to go to chill when he’s tired and needs space! He is intrigued by toys but not yet sure what to do with them! 😂 He loves his food and treats and we think there is a very mischievous monkey in there that won’t take long to come out!! We think Ace’s personality will mean he won’t like being left alone that much so whoever adopts Ace will need to start as they mean to go on with a routine of leaving him to build up his trust and reduce any separation anxiety. We give full support and instruction with this 😀👌 Whoever adopts Ace will not have a dull moment! We have yet to test Ace fully with other dogs and this will be important to assess the best type of home for him but please register your interest by completing the attached form. With the volume of racing he had done and clearly at his age having been raced for so long….. no cats or small furries!