dog looking at the camera while having a head scratch

About Us

We are a small, passionate, dog rescue based in North Wales, UK.

We aim to provide a safe haven for dogs that have been abandoned through no fault of their own, rehome them, and to educate the next generation of dog owners.

Our Vision

Our vision is for all dogs to “live the good life”, free from cruelty, abuse, neglect or fear and having their physical, social and emotional needs met.

Our Mission

1. To provide a safe haven for, and to successfully re-home, dogs that are abandoned through no fault of their own.
2. To promote responsible ownership and provide support to both fosterers and adopters from two fully qualified dog behaviour specialists and experienced volunteers.
3. Through developing our education programme, we aim to reach young people and to help them to:
- be safe around and respect dogs
- understand different breeds to make an informed decision when choosing a dog
- be aware of animal cruelty and exploitation (including online sales and working dogs)
4. To offer our support to the appropriate bodies in order to put a stop to the unnecessary and needless suffering of dogs but in particular:
- racing greyhounds
- breeding dogs and their puppies
- dogs sold online

Our Values