Frenchie cross

Update from her foster mum; - She's very sweet and affectionate. She loves to cuddle and give kisses. A little love bug! - She's playful and enjoys fetch and tug. She likes all toys and doesn't destroy them. - She's house trained and non-destructive when left alone. I've left her for up to 2.5 hours and she was fine. - She sleeps through the night with no issues. She loves her bed and will burrow under the covers! - She loves her food and eats quickly. A slow feeder bowl will help with this. - She's eager to please and learns fast with guidance. She responds really well to treats and praise. - She needs time and patience to gain her confidence with walking on a leash outside. We have made some progress but this will need her new family to continue working with her. She has seen other dogs when out but showed no interest. She's strong on the leash and will pull. - She's a lovely girl and will make someone very happy. Everyone meet our next resident…. Lavender!(Lav)🫶🏼 Sadly, this girl has had an awful life before coming to us. She’s around 18 months old and is a dinky little Frenchie cross.❣️ Lav is a sweet girl who’s been kept in a flat, sometimes for several days at a time with no one going in to see her, fed her or let her out to the toilet. Days on end with no social interaction. She’s not seen the world at all.☹️ Despite that, she’s a sweetheart who adores a cuddle and a fuss. Since being in our care she’s started to decompress and relax. She’s been fine with other dogs in the kennels. We will be assessing her further.🤞🏽 When she came to us, her nails were so over grown some were curled and touching her pads. It’s clear she hasn’t had someone to love and adore her.🥺 However, thankfully she’s willing to trust us and is already showing signs that she’ll be just fine. She’s going to need an empathic home and someone who will allow her to come out of her shell as and when she’s ready….. Calm and confident owners who will give her plenty of reassurance.💛 Lav is good in the car and happy to be handled. She’s fine around her food and ADORES her big squishy bed.😍 This girl was brilliant at the vets, she started her vaccinations and had her nails cut. She’s being microchipped, flead and wormed too. Lav is booked in to be spayed as well.🙌🏽 Please do share this dinky girl far and wide so she can find that forever home she so deserves and needs. Someone is going to be very lucky to have her as their best friend.❣️ Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;